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We barely made it to Hoodslam with enough time to put together a few spots and then go out there and work brother :)  Oh Hoodslam ;)


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I remember feeling completely off that night.  Now when I reflect back I realize I was around some, um…interesting energy (to say the least).  When around said energy it can be VERY draining.  Positive vibes are ALWAYS in order, I learned so much which is priceless :)  Oh life, oh wrestling how I love thee :)

What a trip!  When I uploaded yesterday’s video I noticed on the side of the screen Day 71 from last year was there so I clicked on it :)  It REALLY tripped me out.  Last year at this time my grandma was in her last few months of her life.  That changed me.  Seeing her in that condition was tough but it was real :(  Last year was the year of discovery.  In that discovery I realized all that I NEED in my life.  What a journey!  I feel more alive now than ever.  Though I am still working through how I feel with out my grandma here her pure Love continues to inspire my soul. ONE Love!

Now it’s time to get some coffee, eat some breakfast and hit the gym BROTHER!


Now it’s time to get some coffee, eat some breakfast and hit the gym BROTHER!


DSC_7637 copy


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This shoot was the same day I shot my in my hoodie.  That day meant so much to me and I will always keep it in my heart and soul.  Dang, I wish I was that tan now ;)

ONE Love!

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It  definitely took me back when editing this video.  I can’t believe how long I was stuck at the airport :(  What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right?  I kind of feel stupid for allowing that negative energy to get to me.  When I saw my face while sitting at the Burger King I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.  Why did I cry?  There’s no crying in baseball!  What a learning experience, I will take the positive energy I gained from it everywhere I go.