I can’t WAIT to move this weekend!  It’s going to change our lives and I embrace everything about it.  We just got to come up with a little bit more moolah but I know we can do it :) God always provides.  ONE Love, Shalom!

I had so much fun at the New England Fan Fest!  It was my first time.  I was able to reconnect with some old amigas and share an experience with JT that I will never forget.  Oh wrestling….

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I totally spaced out yesterday and forgot to record my daily video.  Better late than never!  Plus Danielle was with me so it make it all that much more better :)

It’s so interesting how once something is triggered within us it so hard to kick out of it.  For me once something is triggered I have thought attacks which can lead to depression.  After filming this video that’s exactly what happened :(  I came home, something was triggered that is very deep to my soul and I went to a bad place for a second.  I told myself to keep on moving forward and pray the negativity out.  After I prayed I went on my laptop to edit these videos and when I saw myself before the distraction I realized that I was allowing it to effect me more than it should.  It was draining my energy.  Once I realized this I owned my energy and took it back.  Sending extra positive vibes to anyone who needs it today.  I know I did and now I feel alive again :)  ONE Love, Shalom!

Im SO tired.  Just got back not too long ago from this walk and now I am getting ready to go to Runyon Canyon with Danielle!  I was going to go to the gym but I want to be around nature.  Maybe I will do a late night weight lifting session tonight ;)  Hopefully Danielle and I can check out this really cute apartment today :) Positive vibes and prayers are much appreciated.  ONE Love, Shalom!

I get asked about the Joey Styles story all the time.  I would have never guest that 7 years later it would still be talked about!

Man, I feel like this was SO long ago!  It’s always interesting for me when I see myself in situations that I gained so much growth from.  My time in the East Coast was the beginning stages of evolving to who I am today.  Every experience I learned from good and bad.  All the emotions I went through molded me bringing me Peace, Love and understanding.  It  trips me out that wresting can bring so much to my personal life.  At one point in my life wrestling broke my heart so deep  it took years for me to repair my relationship with it.  It was worth the effort and hard work to have a healthy, balanced relationship with wrestling.  In that balance I have discovered a new me that I never knew could exist.  It’s all positive, magical and meant.  ONE Love, Shalom!

Started my day right, a nice little walk with Los Mertzes.  I yesterday changed me.  I experienced it on a different level, a level that even wrestling can’t bring me to. Whats amazing  is whenever I grow as an actress I apply it to wrestling then grow as a worker.  Then there are times where I grow in wrestling and it helps me become a better actress.  I gained some wisdom that filled in holes of questions I have been digging up ;) Life is amazing!  I can’t wait to see what today will bring….ONE Love, Shalom!

This song is always in my head and this morning I thought why not give it a listen and post it as the Song of the Day :) You think you know me….you’re lost…..scared LOL I LOVE WRESTLING :) Shalom ;)

I landed this gig last minute, what a blessing  :)  When I got the email with instructions on what to bring it said” upscale night life look” and I immediate thought Depeche Mode dress!  I have already shot in it for both a pilot and Photo of the Week but I don’t care ;)  They said to bring a few choices and show up in one camera ready.  I have a feeling they will tell me to keep on my Depeche Mode dress and I have no problem with that :)  I’m not allowed to take pictures or video on set but I will see what I can get.  ONE Love, positive vibes, Shalom!