It  definitely took me back when editing this video.  I can’t believe how long I was stuck at the airport :(  What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger right?  I kind of feel stupid for allowing that negative energy to get to me.  When I saw my face while sitting at the Burger King I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.  Why did I cry?  There’s no crying in baseball!  What a learning experience, I will take the positive energy I gained from it everywhere I go.

I had such an amazing time yesterday during the kayfabe shoot I was involved in.  It was so me!  Stay tuned to find out more details on this project but in the meantime check out the BTS footage I got!

15 minutes until I got LIVE on to Save Wrestling…the podcast ;)

DSC_7301 copy

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I shot this set with Brian Zombie almost a year ago.  It was right after my grandma’s death and I felt I needed to capture something.  I felt vulnerable, brokenhearted and more in tune with the realness of life than ever.  I totally forgot about this shoot until I was going through my computer and it popped up :)  It meant so much to me to have Brian shoot these pictures.  Danielle and I have been friends with him for quite some time now and he knows sides of us most will never see.  I have had this hoodie since my Ariel days.  I bought it at Hot Topic and never let go :)  I always tell Danielle I will keep wearing this hoodie until it falls apart :) I don’t know why, I just have always been drawn to it and feel something special when I wear it.  Weird.  Well, positive vibes, Love and Light to Brian Zombie! xoxo

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My internet has been crap lately.  I was using my iPhone hot spot to upload videos before but I exceeding my hot spot usage :( Well amigos y amigas today is the day that my internet is finally working :)  Yay!  What better day that on Shabbat!  Stay tuned for some new Save Wrestling videos ;)

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I feel so official joining a gym again.  I had to take time off to re fall in love with that lifestyle.  I’m back and ready to be in the best shape possible.  Tomorrow my Lean Body protein powder should be coming in, I’m all set!  I just got off the phone with LA Fitness saleswoman and she gave me a sweet deal :)  YAY!  Now to get Danielle to join :) #GymBuddies