Started my day right, a nice little walk with Los Mertzes.  I yesterday changed me.  I experienced it on a different level, a level that even wrestling can’t bring me to. Whats amazing  is whenever I grow as an actress I apply it to wrestling then grow as a worker.  Then there are times where I grow in wrestling and it helps me become a better actress.  I gained some wisdom that filled in holes of questions I have been digging up ;) Life is amazing!  I can’t wait to see what today will bring….ONE Love, Shalom!

This song is always in my head and this morning I thought why not give it a listen and post it as the Song of the Day :) You think you know me….you’re lost…..scared LOL I LOVE WRESTLING :) Shalom ;)

I landed this gig last minute, what a blessing  :)  When I got the email with instructions on what to bring it said” upscale night life look” and I immediate thought Depeche Mode dress!  I have already shot in it for both a pilot and Photo of the Week but I don’t care ;)  They said to bring a few choices and show up in one camera ready.  I have a feeling they will tell me to keep on my Depeche Mode dress and I have no problem with that :)  I’m not allowed to take pictures or video on set but I will see what I can get.  ONE Love, positive vibes, Shalom!

This was definitely a day I will never forget.  I had so much fun hanging out with JT during Terror Con and took that energy to the PLW show :)  I hope to get the full match as soon as I do I will post it!

No matter what’s going on in my life waking up with The Mertzes always makes it better.  I love them so much, as most of you know, they are such a blessing!  My little nerds :)

During me time in the East Coast I was introduced to this sweet old soul Nora.  She loves music, bubbles and pirates.  It was awesome because I totally bonded with Nora’s mom and remain friends with her :)  We had some deep, meaningful conversations that have stayed with me everywhere I go.  That’s what life’s about!  Sometimes people can get caught up and lose focus of the important things in life. I hope this video brightens up peoples day, I know it brighten mine up :) Positive vibes to David Starr for opening up his home and family to me.  Shalom!

I think I experienced every emotion humanly possible yesterday but going through all of it made me stronger and filled with a clear head.  What a blessing to be able to hang out with my mom and sister all day today!  My mom got a hotel in Hollywood which equals Danielle and I escaping the heat and negative vibes in our building.

I just got back from the pool with Danielle and I feel great!  Worked on my tan and did a little swimming.  Thank goodness we were the only one out there, I’m stuck up ;)

What a gnarly day it’s been aye, aye, aye!

It totally worked out because on the way home I got a call from another audition telling me I am booked!  I shoot next week so you know I will be posting pics and such!