I had such a fun filled weekend!  It all began on Saturday when I went to a local show.  Che Cabrera always drives when we go to Arizona and Vegas so we decided to all meet at this show so we can head on out to the FSW when everyone was done rasslin’ it up.  For me it was quite the treat!  Not only did I get to hang out with Danielle when she was the PPA Booth Bitch :) but it’s always a plus when I get to hang with Sage and Jezebel.  I wish we took a pic with Jezebel in it :(  I also bumped into Christina Von Erie :)  Dang, why didn’t I take a pic with her? I had so many amazing convos while at the show and to me THAT’S what it’s about :)  One of my favorite convos with with my favorite ref Rick Knox :)

I finally got to meet Lufisto!  She is amazing :) Someone PLEASE book this match!  I love her energy in and out of the ring.  I HAVE to wrestle her!!!!!!!

After the show we headed to Vegas for the Sunday FSW show and as per usual we had 90s on 9 blasting as we ventured on out :) We arrived around 4AM then off to sleep I went! After resting up a bit I went to the Walmart across the street for some last minute items and of course a Rock Star.

I just LOVE Reby.  What a lot of people do not realize is she works hard.  Yeah, I get it…Matt Hardy’s wife but some don’t get that she actually trains hard and carnies it up with the best of them!  I can’t wait to see our match :)  It was so much fun :)  Positive vibes Reby, I hope we see each other soon!

Danielle Pedro

If anyone has pictures from this day PLEASE post them on my Facebook page!

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We barely made it to Hoodslam with enough time to put together a few spots and then go out there and work brother :)  Oh Hoodslam ;)


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I remember feeling completely off that night.  Now when I reflect back I realize I was around some, um…interesting energy (to say the least).  When around said energy it can be VERY draining.  Positive vibes are ALWAYS in order, I learned so much which is priceless :)  Oh life, oh wrestling how I love thee :)

What a trip!  When I uploaded yesterday’s video I noticed on the side of the screen Day 71 from last year was there so I clicked on it :)  It REALLY tripped me out.  Last year at this time my grandma was in her last few months of her life.  That changed me.  Seeing her in that condition was tough but it was real :(  Last year was the year of discovery.  In that discovery I realized all that I NEED in my life.  What a journey!  I feel more alive now than ever.  Though I am still working through how I feel with out my grandma here her pure Love continues to inspire my soul. ONE Love!

Now it’s time to get some coffee, eat some breakfast and hit the gym BROTHER!